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Are Americans ready for a ‘Generation Rx’?

Recently, understanding more and more the benefit of…. I’m going to say it… tw—-; twi—…

…ugh, twitter…

alghaolahalah… I need like a slice of lemon after that. I currently feel a similiar embarrasment as I did as a young lass taking a shot of hard liquor for the first time…

then holding the god-awful searing liquid-esque ‘spirit’ they called it, on the bottle anyway (“why do you look so much like water?!” my taste-buds relayed to my brain that relayed back toward my mouth-holding/throat-swallowing connection…

…possessing a very ineffective gag reflex (which would also come in anti-handy for some things; semi-handy for others in the future) wanting desperately to sever it for the moment, but eventually swallowing hard.

And then, we ponder, what would have happened had I severed the connection and spit it out? One can only wonder. mhuahahahaha!

Whatever, there would have been plenty of other chances to ‘swallow-hard’, if you know what I mean… You think your first shot is tough?

I digress. yes.

Anyway, to continue, recently understanding more and more the benefit of aforementioned ADHD social media crack house (if used in personally beneficial ways)… please define “personally beneficial” for yourselves…. I’ve been trying to integrate/pay more attention to/actually sign-0n to @23rdstchrnicles.

I would like to RT or retweet… but I wanted get that shot story out there. Plus, I just downloaded this client that I don’t really want to learn to use. Like, right now, anyway.

Are Americans ready for a ‘Generation Rx’? (chron.com)

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…recently semi-buzzed…

…I’d like to give the preverbial shout out to:

My Addiction

It claims to be an “online addiction and recovery resource”. My attention span has very recently (like, in the last hour) decreased exponentially… so, I only register the “online addiction” part. So, that fits. Somewhere in the metaphorical back of the neural processes, I register the “recovery” bit… and it’s okay. Because I’m chill and relatively ‘feelin’ gooooood’.

Because, in truth, I’m not cool… because it’s not so cool. And I think about “recovery”.

The definition of “recovery” however, I think about much more. And can only ever come back with, “why do I only have one option”? Maybe I’m mislead or ill-informed…. but that’s what comes back.

Anyway, these guys seem okay, in my book… I guess.

Furthermore, I guess this is a double-post, as it were…

Wait, no… go here:

Bath Salt, bitches!

…as anything-meth-esque deserves it’s own post on 23rd street.

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Isabelle Caro

This blog is certainly not an ‘eating disorder‘ blog. It’s barely a ‘drug addiction‘ blog.

I know this is nothing new, but categorization (though, at one end I’m obsessed with) is not, atleast for me, a way to make sense of the world in certain capacities.

That being said, this whole thing… this ghey-ass blaaaaahhhhggg is categorically in it’s uncategorical sense….

…really, if one thinks about it, a blog about self-destruction.



I want it to lay there. Because before I can justify or rationalize… I’d like for it to be one word… well, one hyphenated word anyway.

(a) its not an instructional on how to self-destruct

(b) it does not delve into synthetic psychiatric terms like self-destruct

(c) it does try to understand… but in terms that won’t trap (as in self-destruct)

But, in so saying, they are all stories, these are all stories (true or not)… each blog entry or whatever you’d like to deem it, is a story.

…a story that, in the end, carries the weight of the term “self-destruction”.

Rings around the Rosey of self-destruction.

So, when I read this…it’s like… I don’t know (because it’s not just another anorexic pseudo-model media personality dying)

I say this only because I saw an episode of something or another where it really made it seem like she was ‘over it’… trying not to die. Being the anti-anorexia, if you will. The poster-bitch. Like a thousand years ago, I saw it.

And maybe she was.

But what am I to make of this?

A thousand years after, she dies anyway.

What does that even mean?

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Narcissism: The Malady of Me

Yes, this is less drug…

…well, actually directly not-drug-related-at-all; but from time-to-time, I find that anyone that would garner any interest in reading this loosely and ill-kept blog would like the “diversion” as it were.

Narcissism: The Malady of Me (nytimes.com)

I mean, as much as I hate to even think about the DSM’s inherently synthetic ‘psychiatric’ categorization and their sometimes grave, sad consequences… you gotta know what’s goin’ on in order to have an interesting opinion, no? And, yes, I understand a certain structure needs to exist… even if it’s harmful (I like neat things). I’m not an anarchist… maybe a bit of a punk, but not an anarchist.

And, if one wanted to go a bit further, as far as narcissism exists as a personality trait and not, say, a psychiatric disorder, one could say that most drug addicts are narcissists.

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