Are Americans ready for a ‘Generation Rx’?

Recently, understanding more and more the benefit of…. I’m going to say it… tw—-; twi—…

…ugh, twitter…

alghaolahalah… I need like a slice of lemon after that. I currently feel a similiar embarrasment as I did as a young lass taking a shot of hard liquor for the first time…

then holding the god-awful searing liquid-esque ‘spirit’ they called it, on the bottle anyway (“why do you look so much like water?!” my taste-buds relayed to my brain that relayed back toward my mouth-holding/throat-swallowing connection…

…possessing a very ineffective gag reflex (which would also come in anti-handy for some things; semi-handy for others in the future) wanting desperately to sever it for the moment, but eventually swallowing hard.

And then, we ponder, what would have happened had I severed the connection and spit it out? One can only wonder. mhuahahahaha!

Whatever, there would have been plenty of other chances to ‘swallow-hard’, if you know what I mean… You think your first shot is tough?

I digress. yes.

Anyway, to continue, recently understanding more and more the benefit of aforementioned ADHD social media crack house (if used in personally beneficial ways)… please define “personally beneficial” for yourselves…. I’ve been trying to integrate/pay more attention to/actually sign-0n to @23rdstchrnicles.

I would like to RT or retweet… but I wanted get that shot story out there. Plus, I just downloaded this client that I don’t really want to learn to use. Like, right now, anyway.

Are Americans ready for a ‘Generation Rx’? (

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