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Bath Salts, bitches!


Ban? (Health News)

You know that stuff that you put in a hot bath? Well, you don’t if you live in California with Russian whores that don’t understand the bath concept… nor do you if you live in a Chelsea crack shack with tiny pipes for plumbing. Anyway, it’s like Mr. Bubble, but powder and alledgely, you can get high. Mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, or MDPV.

I’m not saying try to get it while you still can…. kids.

… but I’m also not not saying that.

Got to love the double-negatives and mixed-messages.

In the end, though, it seems more like dust than anything else.

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…recently semi-buzzed…

…I’d like to give the preverbial shout out to:

My Addiction

It claims to be an “online addiction and recovery resource”. My attention span has very recently (like, in the last hour) decreased exponentially… so, I only register the “online addiction” part. So, that fits. Somewhere in the metaphorical back of the neural processes, I register the “recovery” bit… and it’s okay. Because I’m chill and relatively ‘feelin’ gooooood’.

Because, in truth, I’m not cool… because it’s not so cool. And I think about “recovery”.

The definition of “recovery” however, I think about much more. And can only ever come back with, “why do I only have one option”? Maybe I’m mislead or ill-informed…. but that’s what comes back.

Anyway, these guys seem okay, in my book… I guess.

Furthermore, I guess this is a double-post, as it were…

Wait, no… go here:

Bath Salt, bitches!

…as anything-meth-esque deserves it’s own post on 23rd street.

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