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Amphetamine of the Year

We, at 23rd Street, cannot go idly by when a post is dripping with this much speed:

Amphetamine of the Year [Motherboard]


Also, our ridiculous degree of love for VICE & Motherboard, et al apparently knows NO bounds. We exist in a benevolent metastatic spread of delight & elation.

Happy Friday!

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How to Sell Drugs

Ohhhh,, how much do we love you?

How to Sell Drugs (


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Why Big Pharma is Causing the Adderall Shortage

Why Big Pharma is Causing the Adderall Shortage (

Adderall is, as we’ve mentioned before, “Dexedrine but dirty. Like an STD infested hooker, instead of an escort service.”. But still, this whole thing affects all ADD stimulant drugs.

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The Everyday Lives of Recovering Herion Users

The Everyday Lives of Recovering Heroin Users (RSA Projects)


-just because it caught our eyes.

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dirty dirty cops

Those Drugs? They Came From the Police (

Yeah, the folks at 23rd Street have once again become periodically inconsistent link-bitches.

It happens.

Too much thinking about menial bullshit coupled with not enough time to actualize aforementioned menial bullshit in a meaningful (or merely authentic) manner via written language. Your author, here, is fuckin tired (physically). And in a Joseph Heller manner, in a Catch 22, as it were. I mean, is there any other manner to be in a Catch 22? Probably not.


And so it goes…

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Straight from the “What the Fuck?!” files, we bring you snortable asparagus.

Powdered Snortable Asparagus


As mind-blowingly ‘what the fuck’ as this is, it’s kind of awesome.

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