About Me [After-Then]

This whole thing started out as an experiment of sorts. Because blogging is… how shall I say… nihilistic, pseudo-writing. It’s for spoiled kids that have a computer and fancy themselves a writer. No one cares about your half-ideas; your A.D.D.-rattled fragments aren’t insightful.

That being said, I’m here.

See, your author hasn’t been an author to any degree, A.D.D.-rattled half-fragments or not for quite sometime. No pencil to paper, fleeting but exciting thoughts scribbled on bar napkins, clackclackclack of keyboard to computer screen. Atleast the bloggers actually write. Atleast they try.

So, I try.

It was okay. Kind of just like writing stuff on my computer because no one reads that either.

Then, I realize that this was something quite different. Less verbose floral poetry; more functionally specialized conversation. Then, I realize that I had something specific to offer.

One can say that it is a drug blog. And it is… sometimes…. broadly.

You come here, you are going to find what happens after the mild fall-out. What happens when one is not in recovery, has no intention of going into recovery, but has somehow, possibly through misanthropy, been unable to re-enter the decade under the influence.

In short, what I have to offer is a year and a half of purgatory. Sounds, fun right?

Don’t worry, I always find ways to make things fun.

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One thought on “About Me [After-Then]

  1. Posky says:

    It does sound fun, albeit a complex brand of it.

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