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The 6th Time’s the Charm!

I can’t sleep.


I don’t judge…. I’ve gone far past 6. Double-digits, even. But was always excited for a new rig.

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Milgram… Philip Zimbardo… Stanford Prison?

I love it.

Philip Zimbardo shows how people become monsters … or heroes

It happens all the time. One or the other must…  happen ALL the time in order to maintain balance.


…I say this like I’m a person that knows about social experimentation. I write this all as if I have a scientific control to back it up. …as if I’d ever be qualified to post.

Well, I guess, that’s one of the perks of a ‘blog’ that is never-read.

I’m not accountable. There is nothing at stake. I can say whatever I want… and….

… I don’t know, mire or something.

It’s out there.

but I know that no one’s waiting to read it.

cowardice, is what it is. or, pragmatic-I need-to-understand-things-I’ve-done in the past; but I don’t need people in the present to know these aforementioned things.

…is what it is.

but currently, I’m having trouble discerning what is which…

that’s it.


…well, that. and also the whole Stanford Prison Experiment/Good vs Evil thing.

smiley face followed by question mark.

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Bonkers Institute

brains and shit


yeah…  For the amount of contact  that I haven’t made (to acknowledge my ultimate appreciation toward the author of the aforementioned page) + to the whole, like, ‘permission/rights/really?!… no one owns any information on the internet-thing)…

this is a shout out.

Bonkers Institue (for nearly genuine research)

I mean, they specialize in: “Psychiatry, psychology, biopsychiatry, biopsychology, psychobiology, neuropsychiatric behavioral pathology, psychoneuropharmacology, biochemical transmission reuptake inhibition, magnetic resonance image exhibition, clinical cohort victim randomization, reliably verifiable albeit statistically invalid diagnostic replication, amplified bioreductive materialistic determinism, applied remedial medical iatrogenics, nonlinear pharmocokinetic meta-analysis, asymptomatic depression screening, therapeutic intoxication… and much, much more.”

I dig, salivate and stand (sit) in a speechless manner. So, don’t be too hard on me.

I don’t fuckin’ know, dude.

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