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DVD’s revisited…

So, that DVD post somehow turned into a self-esteem sexual assault post. I’m sorry.

The 23rd and 24th were a combo of nitrous, vicodin, alcohol, dexedrine, klonopin, possibly a quarter a snort of adderall somewhere in the mix… so, this sounds like alot of stuff. Though it really isn’t. small, rationed portions of all, dexedrine, time-released… spanule… what the fuck is a ‘spanule’?… time release this!


Everything prescribed. Everything, barring the N2O [dental procedure] and alcohol, in pill form.

PILLS! Man, I hate pills. I’m sorry. I love drugs, speed. And yes, I’d rather have the pills [I would never say I hate pills if I didn’t have the luxury of procuring them.], but…

But why pills? Pills are a more mature form of a high. One can’t abuse pills in the way one needs to abuse. Unless it’s, say dilaudid… and i don’t even need a rig and a spoon. Though it would help.

Not the point, not the point. The point being, that’s how the DVD post went awry.

Thank you, drive thru. Happy Christmeth.

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oh yeah, today

Merry Christmeth.

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