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Cancer is Funny

It really is.

Watch this. “The Big C”, they call it now… Showtime renamed it from “The C Word” (What it was originally titled in the version they showed to the network)… and appropriately so. I know this, of course, because this is the kind of stuff that I just happen to know…. like carpenters know how to hang stuff up on walls. ..don’t know if I’d call this a perk, but living and working in the location and business of Hollywood for five and a half years, one has to retain something.

The Big C on Showtime

It’s also different in tone from the unaired pilot. (…that I happen to have on my person… if by person, one means computer). The doctor is older and British for one and like a completely different actor (this class, is what we call re-casting the role; ‘going in a different direction’.)

In addition, the recasting brings to the forefront, to an even larger degree, Laura Linney’s subtle MILFiousity. Which would explode the cap off of a certain friend’s MILF-ecta*

*specific category of “Trifecta”… “Trifecta” itself, short, or an informal version, of “Ultimate Trifecta (Top 3) Chicks to Fuck”… though, to be honest, I may have taken liberty there with the completed, formal title of the informal Trifecta. eh… I tend to do that.

You’ll see the difference when and if I decide to post it. I’ll decide to post it, when and if, someone reads this and decides that this what they would like to have happen. I’ll never know unless someone comments, though. …which may never happen because no one reads this. Then, class, we can have a discussion.

Thank you, drive thru.

What does this have to do with drug addiction?

like… everything.

P.S. okay, no one reads this thing, so: The Big C (pre-air)


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