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Opana (aka pill poppers turning over in their graves)

it's official

Long Island is ghey… Newsday is an antiquated newpaper for the kindergarten set. But Opana is fantastic!

Mangano Warns of New Drug Threat: Opana (newsday.com)

“this is a very serious gateway to drug abuse.” -a retard (or reTard)

Really?! Does anyone in a position of power know anything about anything? Or, maybe… does anyone on Long Island know definitions of things? For example “gateway”.

This is so fuckin’ beyond gateway that it’s retarded.

When are people going to understand that just because it’s a pill doesn’t mean it’s not heroin?


And today’s teen drop like flies.

The pill-popper of yester-year has officially turned over in their grave. …they’d died long ago. As evidenced in the following:

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