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The Words


I was once a writer. I am sure of this fact.

I, unequivocally, believed that beyond “artist”, I AM A WRITER.

Now what?

…because its different now.

And admittedly, the following quote is from a two and a half minute trailer for a movie that I haven’t seen, but that doesn’t make it any less the summation of my entire existence for the past 7 years:

“I’m not who I thought I was… and I’m terrified that I never will be”.  -The Words

Out of context, it seems a bit melodramatic. But here at 23rd Street, we have context for it. In addition, the folks at 23rd Street tend to confuse melodrama for passion.

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Clinical Trial [part #1] followup

so, yes… i drank less than half of the Lasorda red wine.

I mean, what the fuck? Of course. I am drowsy as expected. So, I swallow one half a superb peach long-release Dexedrine.

Time line… lets say, an hour later. still drowsy… not in a euphoric alcohol way. In a narcotic non-euphoric red fuckin’ wine way.

Lovely pill crusher. 1/4 of a Dexedrine… insufflate with a dollar bill.

Now what?

I feel the same. I am not hungry. I cannot drink anymore of this vile concoction.

So, now what?


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