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…and in other news for the self-destructive…

I ♥ Pills

I ♥ Pills... thank you, FDA!

Vicodin: Feds Lower Painkiller Dose In Vicodin, Percocet (AP & Huffington Post)

I love adorable things. Misleading language is more a lawyer’s thing… “painkiller dose”… so cute… but I’m into it. I mean, read this bitch. It’s good for me! “Good for me” as I would love all non-narcotic ingredients in narcotic medication to go away. Especially the most benign and most easily prescribed. I’m not a downer person… I’m not specifically a narcotic person… but I am a drug person. FDA? you’d like to save my liver while getting me more easily physically addicted to narcotics… you have my blessing.

But I may be a bit subjective. …just a little.

I mean, is this the FDA or pill companies that want more clients more easily addicted to their product? I don’t care. Actually, I do. I like it (for me) and it works (for me). Just get me a fuckin’ doctor to prescribe me… golden!

…I mean, I do enough liver damage with alcohol. eh…. Thanks!

Number 2:

Promoting Anorexia: An Interview With Kenneth Tong. This Was No Hoax (Huffington Post)

I have less to say about this because I’m currently drunk-ish and haven’t actually read the entire thing. But, I love balls-to-the-wall! And I love the synthetic pyschological “disease” that it may or may not speak of.

love/hate… I could never be the best.


…and so it is…


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Oh… soooooo…. dramatic….

Yes. Bananas!

Again, I must re-iterate… I do not condone the mixing of narcotics with benozodiazapines (ie downers and downers).

It’s easiest to die this way. If the past is any indication of the future… or if it isn’t… you can see that everyone dies this way. It’s a lull to sleep, of course. It’s the easiest avenue to accidentally overdose. It’s easiest to become physically addicted to any of these substances without knowing one is addicted… physically, that is.

But, do we really need a speech about this? nah…

I’m boring myself.


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