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AA [Anonymous Anonymous]

So this meebo box you may see toward the bottom of the right side of this page o crack commonly referred to as the 23rd street chronicles… gives you, the reader, a completely anonymous way to rap with me, the author.

… if you so dig and all.

I dare you.

I’ll probably respond back, in real-time, with some sort of semi-lucid gibberish that passes for insanity… but I’m awesome. sometimes, anyway.

It’s all anonymous-like. And thus, the only fleeting connection (the word “anonymous” and it’s loose association with > general support groups by way of NA, AA, whatever else-A) that I will ever have with the concept of recovery.

Or else, that’s the general consensus right now.

Bear in mind, I have no answers. But I’m awesome. And it’s free. And anonymous.

…wait, did I mention, it’s anonymous. 😛

Awaiting your thoughts with bated-heart. Catch you on the flip side!



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