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stupid SOPA & retarded PIPA

The folks at 23rd Street would never be considered activists… ever. Yes, illicit drug usage and fighting for whatever rights for whatever people have oftentime gone hand-in-hand throughout illicit drug usage’s entire existence. We like things like rights and have, of course, felt persecuted in the past for reasons that we cannot remember now.

The thing is… there is always a way around things. That being said, all this acute Anti-Piracy/IP Address bill bullshit, is in fact harshing my gig. And, in that manner, I suppose, we are all free speech and not being the next China or whatever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you apparently don’t own a computer. Anyway, maybe people are over-reacting whatever blahblahblah, but the prospects are really kind of grand (the bad connotation of ‘grand’).

Whatever. First the ADD drugs and now my interweb?

To be safe (and this is that sort of fear that can and will be created)… most multi-media on 23rd has been ‘disabled’ for the time being. Now, normally, we are not ‘safe people’ at 23rd, but we thought that we’d like stick this in our pipe and smoke it for a beat.

We apologize for our temporary paranoia. Hey watch this, though… its kinda awesome:

the oatmeal

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The 6th Time’s the Charm!

I can’t sleep.


I don’t judge…. I’ve gone far past 6. Double-digits, even. But was always excited for a new rig.

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joke of the week

…brought to you bi-yearly (at the very most); bi-centenially is probably more accurate…

“I’m too old for mushrooms. When I was 17, my mushroom epiphany would be, “Oh my God… I’m just a microcosm of an entire universe.” But as an adult, my epiphany would be, “Oh my God… I don’t have health care.”

-Dan St Germain (Two Fun Men: Two Men Having Fun + They Hated Each Other)

Thank you, drive thru.

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…and in other news for the self-destructive…

I ♥ Pills

I ♥ Pills... thank you, FDA!

Vicodin: Feds Lower Painkiller Dose In Vicodin, Percocet (AP & Huffington Post)

I love adorable things. Misleading language is more a lawyer’s thing… “painkiller dose”… so cute… but I’m into it. I mean, read this bitch. It’s good for me! “Good for me” as I would love all non-narcotic ingredients in narcotic medication to go away. Especially the most benign and most easily prescribed. I’m not a downer person… I’m not specifically a narcotic person… but I am a drug person. FDA? you’d like to save my liver while getting me more easily physically addicted to narcotics… you have my blessing.

But I may be a bit subjective. …just a little.

I mean, is this the FDA or pill companies that want more clients more easily addicted to their product? I don’t care. Actually, I do. I like it (for me) and it works (for me). Just get me a fuckin’ doctor to prescribe me… golden!

…I mean, I do enough liver damage with alcohol. eh…. Thanks!

Number 2:

Promoting Anorexia: An Interview With Kenneth Tong. This Was No Hoax (Huffington Post)

I have less to say about this because I’m currently drunk-ish and haven’t actually read the entire thing. But, I love balls-to-the-wall! And I love the synthetic pyschological “disease” that it may or may not speak of.

love/hate… I could never be the best.


…and so it is…


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A Brief History of Art

Not that I’m qualified to say anything about anything, but… this is art at its best… simple and to the fuckin’ point.

It’s kinda genius, actually.

inside-the-vagina-pink genius [but that’s another story]

A Brief History of Art (Art In Liverpool)


The Nines

The Nines. Is the only thing that accurately depictes the manner in which I was once completely unaware. …I am, the author, afterall.

It’s a movie, by the way.

Incidentally, or maybe not so incidentally, it’s sad I think, that I will probably never see jasen again.

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You Are Not So Smart: A Celebration of Self-Delusion

The Moment

Yet another awesome post from yet another awesome web page.

yet, even.

I will finish “Three and a Half Years Out...” …really. Just stay with me here.

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saturday. sleeeeepy.: GO!


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Free Samples

The black chick in the green shirt stands just outside Planet Smoothie in Penn Station. She holds a brown-ish tray of tiny tiny plastic cups filled with something salmon-colored and fruity and pseudo healthy. She yells ‘free samples’ at jagged intervals with all the desperation (semi-aggressive, at that) that a chick that works in a planet smoothie in penn station can. This is New York, afterall. The internal desperation painted on the faces and glowing in the action of its denizens. Penn Station being an in-between place… Limbo or purgatory. I neither loathe nor love the place. It is just a relative constant recurring in equally jagged intervals of my existence.

WordPress for BlackBerry.

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Quotes from the Other Side

“It’s not like I was an alkie or anything. Alcohol is for cleaning needles…”
Jerry Stahl

Thank you, drive thru.

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