Alcoholic Whipped Cream

Okay, obviously, I’m all for imbibing spirits. I also like creative culinary creations (in the vein of molecular gastronomy).

Sangria or Mojito Ice Pops… Genius! The bastard child of 2 of my favorite things. Alcohol and Ice Pops. Really. Its sort of crazy… Ice Pops, though probably not really “food” is in the top 5 of my favorite foods.

But may I be the first to say that everything about Whipped Cream infused with alcohol is fucking disgusting. Especially when the marketing department calls it “Cream”.

Thank you, drive thru.

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2 thoughts on “Alcoholic Whipped Cream

  1. Jackie says:

    Try Whipped Lightning, it’s strong but much better flavors and made with real sugar.

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