‘…like crack’

Or rather:

 …like crack : pseudo-hipster “the office”-style.


The ‘When Drugs & Hipsters Collide’ Ultimate Super-Post!

Awesome! …and also the reason (though an interesting point has been brought up) pseudo-hipsters and hipsters are douche bags. The ultimate when Drugs and Hipsters Collide Super-Post!

I mean, I’m not offended when anyone says ‘like crack’. I love it. I wish it spreads and generations and cultures of people start comfortably throwing it around… I mean, like the proverbial grand mother at Thanksgiving or the African kid (that doesn’t speak English) at his tribal gathering.

Nothing would make me happier.

…with the exception of crack.

Brought to you from the crack vault beneath 23rd Street (it’s kind of like a wine cellar for crack. …well, there is wine there, too).

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