Dr Drew Sucks

he is a media whore and compulsive workaholic.

…but there is a part of me that is fascinated in the manner of rubber-necking on the freeway… need to see the bloody bloody accident like biting tin foil and the electric charge that happens when it hits your tooth… not comfortable in any way… but ultimately comfortable because the semi-painful electric charge reinforces everything.

because you control it.

plus, there is this retarded feeling that I want him to be my father.

I hate him.

But he is incorrect, you know. Read and listen:

lies, lies, lies

Its funny… I’m still a speed addict and a speed user. But what I am currently taking is not abusable. dextroamphetamine spanules. WTF is a spanule? It’s a fucking thing that you can’t take more of. You can, but not in a junkie way. I guess that it may be the lack of immediacy and the time-release mechanism. Crushing and snorting does nothing.

But, in the end, he is wrong.

The ADHD pills have made me functional without being a crackwhore. It’s still speed. Always. But it has helped. It’s stretched time in a way I’ve never thought possible.

So, in the end, what is wrong with that? Swallowing the pill like a vitamin in the morning. What is wrong with that?

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One thought on “Dr Drew Sucks

  1. Tim Engel says:

    Dr. Drew makes me wanna puke…..what a self aborbed fame whore….as he has gotten more successful (read:money)….he has come out of his shell…gotten in peoples faces….so to speak…to earn/build some ‘street cred’…if he’s not flaming (no disrespect to the tribe)…..then I’m the Pope…i’m the Pope of Greenwich Village…..not that there is anything wrong with that…except for him trying to act like macho man….

    does he help people?…..NO
    does he help himself?….YES

    celebrity rehab?….where are the celebrities???????

    are you fucking kidding me?…Michael (i will sell you an update on my daughter even though she won’t have anything to do with me) Lohan??

    Amy (i know i shot that chick in the head, did time and went into porn, but i’m really just an innocent girl….i thought ‘everyone’ that drank had blackouts) Fisher…..

    wow…..Dr. Drew…..youre a real heavyweight in your field…..

    you are a joke…..it is sad that the masses eat the pulp you produce….

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