where ever I may be, currently….

and furthermore where I may have been in the recent past…

as much as post-modernity and computer-riddled ADHD children make it possible for me to continue to be a speed addict…

one thing is for sure.

I haven’t touched a needle… a syringe… the lovely… the wonderfully smooth new point that would slide like butter into my coincidentally or whatever wide… large veins… with the dark maroon anemic blood

since when?

I don’t remember!!!! when was the last time?

…I remember… somewhere early 2006… just before I officially started to work for todd and david and just after gio at louise’s planted the seed in my head.

the last time.

the last time i used a needle. the last time i needed a needle.

…yes, I convinced myself shortly after the fact that I realized that the crank I was getting was crank that it might be a nice thing to start a sort of snorting ‘bit. and, yes, that lasted 2 years and cost me a job and cultivated a white-wine alcoholism that has snowballed then waned then snowballed to this day…

but I hadn’t thought of this earlier…


I haven’t touched a needle to my vein (and a medical syringe in general) in over four (4) years.

…my life is mundane laconic patheticness right now.

…but maybe we should recognize and celebrate these things.


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