just do it!

yes, I said that I was going to finish that last post ‘a minor detail’… this will happen… probably. Do not take the existence of this new(er) post as an absolute proverbial white flag in the aforementioned efforts.

It will probably happen. I think about it, so… whatever.

Anyway, today I’d like to address something that has been plaguing me for the greater and latter part of my existence. This would be my irrational need to shrink away from the external while completely shutting down my own awareness and consciousness of anything I may be feeling or thinking in times of ‘action’. For I’ve been most successful in achieving whatever goal in said ‘times of action’ when I just go about… mostly empty-headed and lightly glide as a result.


okay, so… as a child, I realize my rational thinking or thinking in general may prevent me from experiential awesomeness. Ie. I’m not jumping out of the fuckin’ plane if I think about it. But I want to jump out of the plane. Simple logic: don’t think about it. Just do it. Plane jump. Yay!!!!!

Nike slogan or not, this is probably how I became a drug addict riddled with periods of disordered eating habits. And that whole adorable notion that I fancy myself an artist and special and all.

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