Everything = Speed

I’m completely obsessed with speed. I just realized. Meth and speed.

Case in point… this last post.

I’m wasted drunk. I am confused by Twitter. I try to convey my confusion through my ramblings.

It always comes back to speed… ADHD children and their kiddie crack… meth…

If we scroll down:

Twitter = crack
Trader Joes = meth
Doctors = pills = pharmacopeia = meth

I can only compare anything that I ever observe or process through speed. It just always comes full circle. Ask me a question about anything… my answer will probably veer toward some sort of analogy related to how speed is administered in society or how speed is injected intervenously… I may drift off into Ketamine territory or something once in a while… but for the most part: Speed!

Anything… I can probably connect cats to speed, give me a word that I don’t know the definition of… I’ll probably phonetically connect it to speed.

Contact Solution… speed
The Oscars… speed
Hair clips… speed [I already have one for this… but this is another story]
Ramen Noodles… speed [another one I already have a story for]
A non-working Palm Treo… speed
White Eyeliner… speed
Black Eyeliner… speed

And so on and so forth.

I guess on 23rd Street, everything equals speed.


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