They say…

“you can’t always get what you want… but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.”

see, this is a problem when one doesn’t need anything.

oh…. shut up. shhh! shut the fuck up.

I acknowledge that I need stuff. okay?


The needs of physical existence.

which is what… matters, I suppose. You’re dead… you don’t need. …and you certainly do not have the capacity to want.

and this is precisely where I… “you can’t always get what you want” as if want where less important than need. a neccessity… a need… one NEEDS…

I want meth. but, the argument can be made that I don’t need it.

No… for my corporeal self to continue exist… I don’t. I’ve “lived” over a year without it. I’m healthy and alive.

i get to work on time. early… ha, could anyone believe that?

I’m sorry, I don’t want anyone to think bleak things… but, then again, no one reads this shit. I don’t care if I’m alive, if I’m not on meth.

FYI, the past year has been the most uncomfortable subtlely excrutiating experience of my entire life. I’d tilt my head and say it’s something else. I’m doing well. or whatever.

I can only tilt my head so far.

I’m easily distracted.

but I’m sorry, I’m not retarded.



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